Polypropylene Glycols-Plastics

Overview In plastic applications, polypropylene glycols (PPGs) are used as radiation stabilizers, and as additives to impart anti-static and scratch resistance properties.

Products The following polypropylene glycols can be used in plastics applications. Although each product has unique properties based on the molecular weights and the oxides used, they all share some common properties.

Ø   PPG 500

Ø   PPG 2000

Ø   PPG 4000

Specific applications

Radiation stabilizers PPGs can be used for stabilizing polycarbonate against gamma radiation by acting as the "radical scavenger". If the radicals were to form in the polycarbonate, the resin turns a yellow to brown color.

Anti-static and scratch resistance Polyglycol 4000 has shown good scratch resistance in ABS and High Impact Polystyrene.