The polyurethanes are a special group of heterochain polymers. Polyols used in polyurethane manufacture are divided from the structural point of view in two groups. In the first group there are the low molecular weight (MW) polyols, very well described in organic chemistry, having unitary and concrete MW. The second group of polyols for polyurethane contains low MW polymers (oligomers with a maximum MW of 10,000 daltons) with terminal hydroxyl groups (hydroxy telechelic oligomers), called oligo-polyols, characterized by an average molecular weight and having a molecular weight distribution (MWD) of homologous species.polyol 01.jpg

Oligo-Polyols for Elastic
Polyether Polyols for Rigid
Polyurethane Foams
Elastic Foam.jpg
The oligo-polyols for elastic
polyurethanes (PU) are characterised
by a high molecular weight (MW).
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Polyether polyols for rigid
polyurethane (PU) foams are low
molecular weight (MW) adducts
of propylene oxide (PO) [sometimes
together with ethylene oxide (EO)] to
polyols or to polyamines.
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