Explosive Emulsifiers

Emulsifiers for emulsion explosives

I.C.C's long history in the mining industry is reflected by the strong relationships we have with our customers and the worldwide use of our products. We are recognized for our expertise in surfactant and emulsification technologies, and can offer tailor made solutions to satisfy exact customer requirements. After years of research in speciality emulsion technology, I.C.C has established itself as a supplier of high performance emulsifiers to the mining industry. We supply polymeric emulsifiers to the mining industry. Focusing on the production of high performance emulsifiers used in the manufacture of emulsion explosives for both bulk and cartridge systems, we work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and create tailor-made solutions to meet exact industry requirements.

I.C.C's experience in surfactants is not limited to emulsifiers. We offer speciality chemicals that can be used in mineral processing.

Demand your explosion emulsifiers deliver the high performance you expect and the reliability you require. With a range of products available, our specialty emulsifiers team works with customers to identify the right solution for their unique challenges.

Let our experts work with you to find the best product for your explosives needs.


I.C.C's high performance polymeric surfactants offer our customers the following key benefits:

·         Excellent long term stability

·         Industry leading thermal stability

·         Low volatility/odor

·         Excellent water resistance

·         Compatibility with mixed oxidiser systems

·         Compatibility with common sensitising techniques

·         Long term stability with chemical gassing

Emulsifiers have been used since the early 1960s to prepare ‘emulsion explosives’ which are dispersions of oxidisers in ’water-in-oil’ emulsions. Today, this unique structure is highly valued for its ability to allow safe and efficient use in high-volume bulk loading systems. You need the highest degree of confidence in the blast success. That requires reliable emulsions with long-term stability against thermal and mechanical stress as well as constant cap sensitivity. You need the power of a reputable company that can deliver what you need, where you need it and when you need it.

I.C.C Mining has many years of experience in modern emulsifier technology. We have proven ourselves to be a reliable partner for the blasting industry by producing unique, high quality products and delivering them, on time, around the country.

EMO grade explosives emulsifiers exhibit the following positive characteristics:

·      Produces highly stable emulsions

·      Excellent compatibility with a wide range of waxes and fuels used in packaged explosives allows it to be used as a co-emulsifier in bulk explosives

·      Very cost-efficient emulsifiers give rapid viscosity development

·      Ideal co-emulsifier in bulk explosives when a rapid gassing rate is required

·      Allow emulsions to be produced under relatively low shear conditions

Stabilize your packaged and bulk explosives with EMO grade emulsifiers. Chemical gassing has stronger options that are more suitable than EMO grade explosives emulsifiers.